Best Tens Unit Accessories

Whether you’re looking to get more out of your therapy  or to simply save a few dollars along the way – these clever solutions may be just the tools for your Tens Unit you’ve been searching for.

These Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS) Unit Accessories will help make sure your TENS Unit is running perfectly so you can get back to living your life the way you want to and not the way your pain wants you to.


1) Hard Travel Case for TechCare Tens Unit Massager (Only $14.95)

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Specially designed for TechCare Tens Units by TechCare Massagers. Carrying case is best for your tens unit and Tens Unit’s accessories. It has 360 degree zippers and hand strap to allow you to carry the case easily.


2) TechCare Pad Holder & Lead Wire Organizer For Tens Units (Only $7.99)

Organize your TENS and EMS unit’s lead wires and pads with the TENS Pad Holder and Lead Wire Organizer. These electrode pad holders are made of premium hard plastic pads. They are light weight. It can hold electrode pads and connector. Textured surface is specifically designed for the pad gel easily sticky-on and taking-off the holder. It can store electrode pads of different sizes.


 3) Techcare Massager Snap on Shoe For Tens Units (Only $12.99)

 Massager Shoes can be used with all TechCare Massager machines and other TENS units with clip on outputs. Great treatment for aches and pains on your feet. Excellent treatment for fibromyalgia. It relieves pain on the feet and leg and sore muscles on leg while you are working or enjoying TV. Provides electrical pulse a larger surface under your feet so that you can use it on while sitting on your desk, watching TV.


4) Techcare Massager Snap on Belt For Tens Units ( Only $14.95)

Massager Belt can be used with all TechCare Massager machines. It relieves pain and sore muscles in the back and joints. Helps burn fat while you are working or enjoying TV. Provides electrical pulse a larger surface so that you can use it on where you don’t know pain source is.


5) Spectra Electrode Gel For Tens Unit Electrodes (Only $8.99)

Purchasing the electrode gel on its own is perfect for replacing the gel that came with your tens unit and is now running low. Keeping enough electrode gel in stock is necessary for extending the life of your electrodes.

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel Highlights:

  • Non-irritating
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Salt-free
  • No sodium ion transfer
  • Non-gritty Stay-Wet formula

6) TechCare Massager Replacement Electrode Pads For Tens Units (Only $14.99)

The most important accessories the TENS units come with are the electrode pads . The electrode pads are active components of the TENS unit. Using an adhesive surface, these pads stick to your skin and conduct the electricity to the nerve bundles underneath it.

The pads have different designs, and each design is better suited for certain tasks. Techcaremassager Tens Unit wires and Pads are universal and fit most TENS Unit in the market. If used properly, electrodes will last for a long time.

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Henry Pawlowicz - January 30, 2019

I purchased the TechCare Plus 24. I have 30 or so pads with pigtails and need to replace the leads with snaps do you have a replacement set? If not what size is the plug to the tens unit?

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