Cleaning And Care Tips For Your Tens Unit


Tips for skin care

To avoid skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin, follow these suggestions:

1. Wash the area of skin where you will be placing the electrodes, using mild soap and water. Before applying electrodes be sure to rinse soap off thoroughly and dry skin well.

2. Excess hair may be clipped with scissors. Do not shave the stimulation area.

3. Wipe the area with the skin preparation your clinician has recommended. Let this dry. Apply electrodes as directed.

4. Many skin problems arise from the “pulling stress” from adhesive patches that are excessively stretched across the skin during application. To prevent this, apply electrodes from centre outward; avoid stretching over the skin.

5. To minimize “pulling stress”, tape extra lengths of lead wires to the skin in a loop to prevent tugging on electrodes.

6. When removing electrodes, always remove by pulling in the direction of hair growth.

7. It may be helpful to rub skin lotion on electrode placement area when not wearing electrodes.

8. Never apply electrodes over irritated or broken skin.


Cleaning the Tens Unit

1. Unplug the Tens Unit from the charger every time when you clean.

2. Clean the Tens Unit after use with a soft, slight moistened cloth. In case of more extreme

soiling you can also moisten the cloth with mild soapy water.

3. Ensure that no water penetrates into the Tens Unit.

4. Do not use any chemical cleaners or abrasive agents for cleaning your Tens Unit.



1. Use the tens unit only with the leads and electrodes provided by the manufacturer. Use only the electrode placements and stimulation settings prescribed by your physician or therapist.

2. It is recommended that, at minimum, 1inches*1inches self-adhering based, square electrodes are used at the treatment area.

3. Inspect your electrodes before every use. Replace electrodes as needed. Lose adhesion and deliver less stimulation if overused.


Cleaning The Electrode Wires

Clean the electrode cords by wiping them with damp cloth. Coating them lightly with talcum powder will reduce tangles and prolong the life.

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