Stress is a know cause of many illness and is a problem for today’s generation. With our minds so full and our lives so busy, it often feels like we just need to stop and take a breather. Below is a list of some simple ways to reduce stress.

  1. Take walk. Walking especially outside can have a great effect in lowering stress.


  1. Deep Breathing. Taking in and releasing deep breathes of air while simply focusing on the process of breathing can have a relaxing effect.


  1. Play some tunes. Studies show that music helps lower the levels of stress.


  1. Napping can reduce Cortisol levels and this can help in reducing stress


  1. Get a massage. It’s often hard to get out and get a good rub down, but you can use Tens unit to relax your muscles.
  1. Eat well. Its shows that healthy food can help lower stress. So if you are feeling stressed avoid the vending machine.


  1. Laugh it off. Laughter causes endorphins and these guys improve mood.


Get your tens unit today sit back and relax!



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