Your electrode pads are meant to be replaced every so often; however, there are ways to make them last longer. 

1. Make sure you clean the skin before placing the pads on. Oil on the skin can cause the pads to loose their adhesive. 

2. After every use, please store the pads on the provided pad holder. Each pad will stick on both sides and you can wrap your wires around it to keep things organized.

3. Once the pads no longer stick as they used to, you can apply a little bit of water based gel to help increase their lifetime. Please apply few drop on the pads directly, then place on the skin. This will help the pads stick on the skin more firmly. 

Please replace your pads often

You will always get the most and the best benefits with fresh sets of pads. Your tens unit is a medical device. In order for the stimulation to go through the most affective way, we recommend replacing the pads at least once a month. 


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