Sciatica Treatment with Tens Unit

Sciatica Treatment with Tens Unit

The sciatic nerve begins in the lower back, where it branches off and goes down each buttock, hip, and thigh. It branches again at the knees and continues to the feet. The sciatic nerve is the longest and largest in the body and, at its thickest, is as large around as a finger. Several conditions, such as a herniated disc or spinal stenosis, can cause irritation and inflammation of the sciatic nerve. When this occurs, the sciatic nerve begins to transmit pain signals. Sciatica discomfort may begin as numbness or tingling in the buttock or upper thigh, but it often worsens with time.

Tens Unit Massager

Tens Unit machines send electrical pulses through the skin to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. In theory, Tens Unit machines should indeed work well for Sciatica. In addition to preventing the pain, Tens Unit machines also aid in the release of Endorphins, which are natural pain killers found in your body.

Many people who suffer from Sciatica irritation use Tens Unit machine regularly to help manage the pain. Tens Units are  totally helpful and work over the long term with minimal side effects.

To use a Tens machine, you really just need to charge the product, clean your skin, and apply the electrodes. The remote control of the machine will allow you to adjust the speed and strength of the pulses to accommodate for whatever amount of pain you may be experiencing. Tens machines don't cause any pain either, all you'll feel is a strong tingling sensation.

While results are mixed, about 80% of people experience a great deal of relief in their Sciatica pain during their first use of a Tens Unit machine. These numbers are very promising, and make it worth your while to at least test a Tens Unit machine to see if one will work for you. While pain relief is generally temporary, the real goal is to abolish the pain over the long-term. This is done by using a Tens Unit machine to decrease pain enough for light exercise.

The exercise is what really helps with Sciatica pain and is typically the suggested route. Tens Unit machines are used if pain has gotten to the point that it prevents someone from exercising.

In this case, you'd use a Tens Unit machine to relieve the pain enough so you can walk and get some mild movement in throughout your day. The action of exercising pain-free is what will truly help with your Sciatica pain in the long run.

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