TENS Unit for Back Pain

Back pain is something almost all Americans suffer at some point in their life. It is more common especially in working adults. According to some estimations, 95% of American people will experience back pain today or tomorrow. But there is a solution for that. It is Tens Unit for Back Pain. Before coming to that, lets dive into more data about back pain.


In today's world, back pain is the most well-known reason or cause for chronic pain and it is really a big problem of missed work and disability. It is very difficult to permanently disable back pain but solutions like Tens Unit may reasonably ease daily lives of people who suffer from back pain.

There are several areas of pain in our back like neck pain, middle back pain and lower back pain. Especially lower back pain is more common because this region supports our upper body weight while we are standing or sitting. Back pain not only effects the lower back area but also it affects our arms and hands as well as our legs or feet. The origin of this pain may originate from mostly muscles, bones, joints, nerves and other structures in the spine.

TENS Unit for Back Pain

If you read this article, you probably heard about Tens Unit but maybe you don't know how it is effective to treat back pain. These devices work in a similar way - by sending small voltage electrical impulses to the body, which then stimulate the nerves.

The key function of the TENS unit will be to hinder or block the pain sign from reaching the cortex. When This is often completed, the client will not turn out to be aware about the pain.

If you are totally new to TENS units, it is a good way to start by trying this little device to get rid of your back pain. Persistent pain conditions may affect not only your back but also both of those your pelvis, your shoulders and neck.

tens unit for back pain

In many TENS devices, there are different modes you'll be able to choose from. It is possible to modify the heartbeat width, the heartbeat amplitude and the heart beat frequency. You can also choose from touch screen the mode that you want to try first.

Many decades ago, these devices were only available at medical facilities with a larger scale. Today it is a matter of days to get your TENS Unit and try it on your back pain. You don't need any prescription to use these devices. It is 100% safe and you'll get results immediately that your TENS help ease muscle and joint pain.

What you have to know about these equipment is that they won't fix the problems or heal the diseases that bring about the pain, but simply deliver a brief aid, significantly in the same way painkillers do.

Back Pain directly affects one's quality of life. So best non-medical treatment for back pain is a combination of daily exercise and using TENS unit for back pain.

tens unit for back pain

Of course there are non-medical methods that we briefly explain here:

Other methods to treat back pain

Back pain is generally treated with non-pharmacological therapy first, as it typically resolves without the use of medication. Superficial heat and massage, acupuncture, and spinal manipulation therapy may be recommended.

  • Heat Therapy:  It is considered as useful for back spasms or other conditions.  Some reviews show that it can reduce symptoms of acute and sub-acute low-back pain.
  • Exercise: Swimming and cycling may be a good solution to get rid of uncomplicated back pain but of course if you have some health conditions, consult your physician or doctor before doing exercise. Some studies also found that  exercise is effective for chronic back pain, but not for acute pain. If used, they should be performed under supervision of a licensed health professional.
  • Massage therapy: It may give short-term pain relief, but not functional improvement, for those with acute lower back pain. There does not appear to be any serious adverse effects associated with massage.
  • Acupuncture: This method may also provide some relief for back pain. 

So as a conclusion: Give it a try and use TechCare Tens Unit for Back Pain. You'll see results immediately and congratulate yourself for your decision to buy a Techcare Tens Unit Massager. 

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