Using TENS Unit to recover and rebuild muscles after work out

Using TENS Unit to recover and rebuild muscles after work out


After work-out closely to the practitioners, they experience muscle soreness which is a sign of work-out is good enough and the training is sufficient. However, the fact that training is sufficient does not mean that you should endure this pain.


TENS Unit will not only manage your muscle pains but it also but also can help tone, firming and improving the strength of the gluteal muscles.

TENS Units has been around for a while, and they are pretty safe and effective.  

It will reduce pain via Gate Theory, and thereby decrease muscle spasms by breaking the pain cycle after work-outs


What Tens Units Work for muscle rehabilitation?

TENS Units help stop muscle atrophy when exercise is not possible following an operation or injury.

They are used to help paralyzed people retain muscle very successfully. 

It's a great pain relief therapy and can be a real aid in rehab and repair and recovery.


What Causes Muscle pains?


- The first few days at the gym can be really daunting for beginners, owing to aches and pains.  

- Excessive weight training from a normal work-out or faster exercise than normal can cause pain because the muscles are overloaded.

- Not enough breathing during training. (Oxygen abundance increases lactic acid accumulation in tissues.)

-Especially in high weight training, rest between sets is very important. These short breaks allow the muscles to get enough oxygen and release the formed lactic acid.

- Starting training without warming can lead to muscle aches and even injuries.

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Mark Baker - January 16, 2019

What modes are good for restoring muscle atrophy (which ones use PMS/EMS) ?

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