Techcare Massager Back Pain Relief Massage Belt Attachment

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TechCare Massager Belt - Portable TENS Unit - FDA Cleared!

Massager Belt can be used with all TechCare Massager machines. It relieves pain and sore muscles in the back and joints. Helps burn fat while you are working or enjoying TV. Provides electrical pulse a larger surface so that you can use it on where you don

  • Targeted, high-tech pain relief for sore lower back muscles and help burning fat for the belly area.
  • Compatible with the best TENS Unit on the market such as TechCare Massager, iRest Massagers, Unimed Massagers and other popular TENS units.
  • 2 built-in silicon electrodes that eliminate the need to buy replacement electrode pads
  • Adjustable extra-long belt 34 " long. One size fits most.

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