Best Tens Unit Review List

Finding the Best TENS unit for you is simple with the right approach. When selecting a unit, you want to look at:

Best Tens Unit Review List


-Size of LCD display




Check different Tens Units and ask yourself what you need. Do you need extra-big screen? Do you want a rechargeable battery? Do you need extra modes? How much control do you want? Do you want a digital or analog machine? Should the screen be backlit? With so many models to choose from, we’ve made a handy comparison chart to help you decide which features matter most to you, and which model is just right.

1)    TechCare Plus 24

24 modes and a plethora of impressive features… for less than $50? When things sound too good to be true, they most often are. Plus 24 is a dual channel device. There are two pads per channel so you can use it with either 2 or 4 pads. Each channel has its own independent intensity control so for example, if you had back pain and were using two pads on each side of your back you could increase/decrease the intensity for either side. It is chosen no.1 by the best tens unit reviews web pages.

Buy from Amazon or techcaremassager.com at discounted rates.



-Adjustable intensity to meet your exact needs

-Large and clear backlit display

-Multiple modes offer something for everyone

-Runs on a single charge for a really long time (5 days on one overnight charge and you can even charge it from your computer!)

-Lifetime Warranty


-On 20th intensity level it is extremely powerful.


2) Nursal Tens Unit

 This unit has 16 modes with rechargeable built-in battery, it is lightweight and comes with medium size LCD display.


-       Warranty is only 1 year

-       Stimulation levels might be weak for some users


3)    HealthmateForever YK15AB


It comes complete with clearly labeled buttons like the neck, shoulder, back, elbow and so on. It also comes with modes for versatility including the type of massage like knead, acupuncture.



   -It’s not rechargeable you will ended up spending a lot of money on batteries

   -Display size is small

   -It comes with limited warranty with replacement fees


4)    Tens 7000

This Unit comes with a built-in clip for easy belt attachment. It's small and light and has rubber bumpers on the sides to help protect it from being dropped or bumped.



 -It can’t be recharged. It uses batteries.

-Display is really small doesn’t have backlit

-Comes with only 5 massage modes

-Warranty is only one year

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SHaron B - May 18, 2020

Love my new TENS unit it is sleek and powerful

DENIS J. LAFRANCE - March 11, 2020

I love my plus 24 unit. It’s very easy to use. I could not believe how much relief I felt after using this unit. I used this unit on several acupressure points on my body and it worked wonders. The best feature about this unit is the fact that it is rechargeable. No more buying 9 volt batteries. Thank you Tech Care. I definitely give this unit 5 stars.

Vicki - February 5, 2019

I have the Tens Plus 24 and it is awesome. It’s like having my own masseuse. After a long day of physical activity, it’s total bliss.

Thank You!

Ed Shepherd - November 21, 2018

Review of the Tens Plus24: This unit is great. The directions are clear and simple, the window screen and controls are easy to use, and being recharagele and cordless the unit is portable and you are not confined by an electric plug while using it. I have used the unit on a knee, shoulder, bottom of one foot and back. It has provided relief after only one or two uses. I am very pleased and highly recommend this model for general aches and pains.

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