How Does TENS Unit Works and How to Use It?

How Does TENS Unit Works and How to Use It? 

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine works by creating a tingling or buzzing sensation on your skin. This can help to block or suppress pain messages to your brain.

The benefit of TENS Unit is that it is safe, ‘drug free’ method of pain management. It acts through pads placed on the skin, sending small electrical impulses to the underlying nerve fibres (transcutaneous means ‘through the skin’).

TENS Units also help to stimulate our body to produce higher levels of our own natural painkiller, called endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals made by our body to reduce or prevent pain.

TENS Unit when appropriate allows for pain reduction without the potential side effects of medications. A TENS unit can be used during a physical therapy session or in the comfort of home. It is a cost-effective, non-invasive treatment of pain with proven results.


TENS Units can be used to treat most types of pain where the cause has been determined including:

Arthritis, Back Pain, Bruising Calf Strain, Dead Leg, Fibrositis Finger Pain, Headaches Migraines Knee Pain, Lumbago Muscle Stress, Neck Pain, Neuralgia Osteo-arthritis, Period Pains, Post Herpatic Neuralgia, Pregnancy/Labour Pains, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain, Sleeplessness, Spondylosis, Sports Injuries, Tennis Elbow, Tenosynovitis Wrist Pain

How To Use TechCare TENS Unit? 

Your doctor or therapist will talk to you about how and when to use the TechCare TENS device to best manage your pain. Follow these steps and any other instructions given to you.

Apply the electrodes (self-adhesive or non-adhesive electrodes) of the TechCare TENS machine to the skin, on the area of pain or at a trigger point. Then turn on the machine. This will create a current of electrical impulses which stimulates the nerves and muscles.

The wave length, frequency and the intensity of electric current can be adjusted according to the nature of pain.

BEFORE TechCare TENS treatment

  1. Check the TechCare TENS machine; for example, the electrodes should be inspected for cuts and cracks;
  2. Ensure that your TechCare TENS Unit fully charged;
  3. Make sure that your TechCare TENS Unit is “OFF” position before starting;
  4. Clean the treatment site with mild soap and water;
  5. Peel the self-adhesive electrodes from the clear plastic film and attach the electrodes to the skin;
  6. Do not place the electrodes near the carotid arteries on the neck or across the heart; and
  7. Ensure the electrode wires and your TechCare TENS machine are properly connected.



  1. Turn on the TechCare TENS Unit and turn the control knobs slowly to the prescribed setting. You should feel a tingling or numbing sensation;
  2. Avoid getting wet, sleeping or operating machine while using the machine; and
  3. Strictly confine to treatment duration as prescribed.

AFTER TechCare TENS Treatment

  1. Turn the control knobs to “OFF” position and unplug the electrode wires from the TechCare TENS machine;
  2. Remove the self-adhesive electrodes and replace them on the clear plastic films (when using non-adhesive electrodes, remove the tape and the electrodes, then wipe away the gel on the skin with tissue paper and clean the electrodes with soap and water).

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lawence wiedman - May 18, 2020

I just got the unit and it is charging for the ten hour period as recommend. how do you tell when it is done. this isn’t mentioned anywhere I can find

DIone - March 11, 2020

Just purchased the machine and I can’t get it to turn on, any suggestions?

Robert Moore - February 14, 2020

Just purchased a Plus 24 unit. Trying to figure out all the different uses. How can I read the responses to the comments above?

ELaine - December 3, 2019

I may have up to 4 discs popped and have a lot of pain down my left side and arm , shoulder .I’m waiting for an MRI scan , I’m not certain as to where is the best position to place the pads.
Please advise

ELaine - February 14, 2020

I may have up to 4 discs popped and have a lot of pain down my left side and arm , shoulder .I’m waiting for an MRI scan , I’m not certain as to where is the best position to place the pads.
Please advise

janet miller - July 22, 2019

not sure which mode I should us for a nerve issue in my back.

ultracarepro - May 1, 2019

very well expedition on tens therapy

Jan - April 30, 2019

Some units have dual settings, TENS and EMS. The Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the setting for strengthening muscles. The units also come with only the TENS or EMS function.

Kathy - January 30, 2019

Can a TENS be used to strengthen muscle?

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