Rechargeable TENS Unit vs Non-Rechargeable TENS Unit

Over the past fifty years, many of the products we use have increasingly become powered by rechargeable batteries—from the lead acid batteries in our cars and other motorized vehicles, to the variety of Ni-MH and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries powering our digital cameras, laptops, TENS Units and other electronic devices. 


Choosing between rechargeable and disposable batteries can be frustrating. If you use a lot of batteries, then you may find yourself trying to decide between replacing your TENS Unit with the rechargeable one.


Benefits of Rechargeable Tens Units




Rechargeable TENS Units are preferable to Non- rechargeable because of the amount of waste throw away brands create. Using a battery charger and rechargeable cells, can save hundreds of dead batteries from making their way into the landfills and therefore save you quite a lot of money.

Rechargeable TENS UNITS are also far more energy efficient requiring much less energy to charge than is needed to manufacture disposables.


 2.Saving Money


Initially, investing in a Rechargeable Tens Unit will be litte more expensive than just purchasing a Non-Rechargeable TENS Unit. However, it’s important to look at the long term to see how using a rechargeable system can save you plenty of money.

Rechargeable TENS Units have the capability to be recharged upwards of 1000 times. When comparing that to the cost of a package of disposable batteries you spend on your non- rechargeable TENS unit it becomes blatantly obvious that it’s much cheaper to opt for the rechargeable alternative, as they work out at only a fraction of the cost.





Many of today’s rechargeable TENS Units actually last longer on a single charge than their disposable counterparts, especially in high-drain devices.


A step above the rest, TechCare Massager uses the lithium-ion batteries on TENS Units, which stores more energy and lasts longer between charges. They’re perfect for TENS Units  and they’re better for the environment because they don’t contain (since lithium is a natural metal ) harmful toxins. 

Buy your TechCare Massager Plus24 today with rechargeable internal lithium battery. Up to 20 hours continues use.


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