Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator Foot Massager Mat & Massager Belt Attachment

Save 23%

  • Targeted, high-tech pain relief for sore lower back muscles and help burn fat in the belly area.
  • Compatible with the best TENS Unit on the market such as TechCare Massager, iRest Massagers, Unimed Massagers, and other popular TENS units.
  • 2 built-in silicon electrodes that eliminate the need to buy replacement electrode pads
  • Adjustable extra-long belt 34 " long. One size fits most.


  • Feet Pain Relief: This smart EMS foot circulation massager is meticulously designed for sports lovers, the elders, dancers, and workers who sit/stand (especially wear high heels) for a long time, providing great relaxation and alleviating aching feet and legs
  • All The Benefits of the TENS Unit: The foot stimulator massager with EMS technology which elicits muscle contraction by electric impulses, helps to reduce swelling and look slim. The Yoga training tube strengthen the muscle of your body, making your shape charming and healthy
  • Easy Usage: Just snap the pad cables to the mat and increase the intensity from your MedTens Tens unit until you feel comfortable with it. Enjoy your massage


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